Getting Finance for your New Camera

Most people reading this post I assume will have their eye on a fancy piece of camera kit!  You know, that one special item that will really take their camera skills to that next level. Usually, money is the main obstacle to taking that next vital step. So I’ve decided to talk about increasing available cash. Raising money generally involves earning funds by working, selling something of value and/or spending less. Getting financial advise can also help drastically. Speaking to financial advisers calne can be worthwhile to ascertain if the purchase is correct.

Here are a few other methods of raising the necessary funds.

Sell Photography Services

raising money for camera gear

Most people reading this will find their best route to raising funds for their new camera gear is to actually go out and sell our images/photography services. This is naturally a lot easier said than done though! However, once you get a sales channel going and you get a recurring revenue stream to support your photo kit growth long term. You should really advertise your portrait services to your social media friends. Ask your kid’s teammates’ parents if they would be interested in spending some money for some awesome sports action pics.

The upside to selling services like this is that, if you sell enough, your accountant will likely allow you to write-off your gear costs and other expenses, saving you a lot of money by effectively reducing your costs drastically!

Sell Your Old Gear

You have likely been upgrading to the latest camera and lens models as they are released. But, are you cleaning out what doesn’t get used any longer? If there is gear in your kit has not been used in a year or two and is not needed for backup purposes, it is probably not worth keeping and is a potential source of funding for the hot new gear.

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